Destination: Driving ranges. In search of the automatic golf ball tee

mail.jpgAny of you sick of bending over to set up your tee at the driving range?  Sure, we sound a little developed-world-super-power-technologocial-whore-ish, but when your instructor decides you need to work on driving –only driving– and you’ve got 100 balls to get through on a damp Saturday morning, your languished stance starts to get the better of you.  Not me.  When my instructor finally left, form sufficient for her standards, I gave my last 10 balls to the guy in the next box and went off in search for…well, first food, and then…a driving range boasting an automatic golf ball tee.  It is with that effort, dear reader, that I bring you a list of driving ranges across the country possessing this heavenly invention.  And if you can’t get to one of these ranges, check out Hammacher Schlemmer’s portable version.  Disclaimer: you will look like an idiot dragging it out at the range, however, you will run a lower risk of throwing out your back after ball #86.

Chelsea Piers
I’m sure most of you already know this, but the Golf Club at Chelsea PIers is one of the nicest places to work on your golf game. Ever. The club claims to be America’s most technologically advanced driving range, and features 52 climate-controlled stalls, a computerized automatic ball tee-up system, and enclosed full-swing gold course simulators.

Evanston-ish, IL:
Skokie Driving Range
This venue features a two-tier, 40 station range with an automatic tee-up system, Fiberbuilt Hitting System, lights for evening practice and eleven heated stalls. 

Philadelphia-ish, PA:
Mad Golfer Golf Club
Mad Club features 25 heated stalls (50 total), lights for night time driving, private tees with automated tee-up systems, and most importantly FREE range balls on Thanksgiving!

Dallas-ish, TX:
Texas Indoor Golf

According to Texas Indoor Golf, the top 5 reasons to visit:
   1. It’s always 72 degrees
   2. You don’t have to fly for 12 hours to play St. Andrews Old Course
   3. You can play Pebble Beach for $40 instead of $350
   4. Water hazards don’t scare you because you’ll never lose any of your golf balls
   5. You can play 18 holes when it’s dark outside in under 3 hours

Any City, USA:
Hammacher Schlemmer
You can use this portable sucker for putting, chipping, or driving. It holds 35 golf balls, and isn’t even electrical or battery operated at all -runs on good old elbow grease (your clubhead). And, comes with a lifetime guarantee!

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