Mining for gold, in the e-trashcan

With the rising costs of precious metals, people-places-&-things, are taking to their neighborhood e-waste sites in search of gold, copper and other commodities. Satish Sinha told the Times of India, “There’s plenty to dig from. The junk that we are throwing away contains more aluminum, gold and copper than we find in the ores. These metals are used in the circuit boards of computers and electronic gadgets.”

The paper reports that e-waste often contains more rare metal content than the respective mineral or rocks from which they can be mined for a profit.  For instance, “a cell phone contains 5-10 times higher gold content than gold ore.”  

Sinha projects, “The projected growth for the e-waste generation for India is about 34% year on year.”  

India has a few such reclycling firms: Eparisara and Trishyiraya Recycling among them, though a cursory googling on our part produced mostly city-run programs in the U.S. For those of you wanting to capture some of that growth rate for your own portfolio (and we mean that in the most abstract sense possible), we suggest you STOP blindly handing over your old electronics to the [insert city name here] e-waste recycling program, and instead strip that stuff yourself.  Why let those slimy city officials get your precious metal scraps, send them to GoldKit instead.   


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