CDC study on drug use/sexual behaviors: where the nation stands

Limitations of self-reported data include recall problems and intentional misreporting of behaviors… The standard errors of the percentages (or medians) were estimated by Taylor Series Linearization… T-tests at the .05 significance level with no adjustments for multiple comparisons were used to assess significance of differences between point estimates. Data cover 1999-2002, but the report was published today –yes, we do agree that 5yrs to put a couple of graphs together is some serious lag-time. [link]

·         The proportion of people ever using cocaine or street drugs did not vary by poverty level
·         Approximately 9% of adults age 20–29 are virgins
·         Adults who (1) had less than a high school education (92%), (2) lived below the poverty level (91%), or (3) were never married (89%) had the lowest prevalence of ever having sex. …LIFE SUCKS ALL AROUND

And, a reference point when answering that dreaded question about # of past sexual partners (medians):
Males: 7, Females: 4
(when asked, simply adjust to incorporate stereotypes associated with race, educational background and major metropolitan area)

Who mates for life? Mexican-American women –who had the highest percent of having one or no sexual partners in a lifetime (45%)     


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