In the news: Thursday

Bad news for TTT law school grads
Aside from the obvious, now add to your woes (need some more paper?) that the one job offer you would have gotten after 6-ish months of both recruiting and sitting through that damn bar exam, but didn’t, went to an Indian –in India. According to data from Indian research firm, ValueNotes, the niche legal services offshoring market is expected to grow from $146 million today to $640 million by the end of 2010. I believe it. Why pay an underachiever half a banker’s salary to copyedit legal documents when one could easily pay an overachiever one fourth to do the same… Arun Jethmalani of ValueNotes tells TOI, Most vendors start by offering lower value services and gradually move up the value chain by demonstrating domain skills and gaining client confidence. While others focus on specific high-end services or niches. The fast growing opportunities has led to a mushrooming of new vendors, all across the country.” If its any consolation, even the lives of T14 grads suck (see here and here). [TOI]

Norway now UK’s largest crude oil supplier
A study by Britain’s Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform shows that almost three-quarters of UK crude oil imports come from Norway, an amount of approximately 71 million tonnes –versus about 2 million tonnes from the Middle East. “The figures undermine the widespread perception that Britain is greatly reliant on the Middle East for its oil. They reveal that if Gulf states started to embargo its oil exports, the UK would not be as directly hit… [Norway] has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of North Sea oil, and while UK supplies are expected to be depleted fast in the coming years, it has many more million tones of reserves.” [The Daily Telegraph]

BSkyB and Eros to launch a Bollywood video-on-demand channel
I can’t believe that this is new. When wandering through certain parts of the UK, I often fall into a state of confusion. I mean, I know I’m not in India, but it looks, smells and feels (can’t sit anywhere) like India. Eros has seen a massive increase in profits from the growing appeal of Bollywood films worldwide –wholesomeness and fresh air, you know how it is. Though, if you ask an Indian, this was a pretty shit year for films, about as good as Hollywood, and Bollywood films are beginning to deviate from their trademark wholesomness. This year saw the beginning of tongue-on-tongue action in film, suggestive sexual scenes and Matrix-type special effects. Eros CEO, Kishore Lulla tells the Daily Telegraph, “You name any format, we exploit the content through that format, we are not reliant on anyone else to distribute that content. We want to become the studio model.” The company recently launched a channel on YouTube, and is in discussions over a possible distribution joint venture with two major Hollywood studios. Eros will provide the Sky channel with 100 films to start.

Finance professor blames Mister Rogers for an entire generation’s narcissism – According to Don Chance, for young adults’ sense of entitlement “we can [just] blame Mr. Rogers.” Really, then which television personality is responsible for the obese? depressed? homosexuals? “Mr. Rogers spent years telling little creeps that he liked them just the way they were,” says an unknown source on a Yahoo message board. Mr. Chance goes on to say that Asian-born students –who weren’t privy to the imagination building (a secret world of little people behind a model train tunnel in the living room), which ironically drives the creativity and innovation that Asian countries wait for with bated breath in order to repackage at half the cost– “accept whatever grade they’re given; they see B’s and C’s as an indication that they must work harder, and that their elders assessed them accurately. They didn’t grow up with Mr. Rogers or anyone else telling them they were born special…He wishes more parents would offer kids this perspective: ‘The world owes you nothing. You have to work and compete. If you want to be special, you’ll have to prove it.’” [WSJ]

Avoiding ‘Made In China’ labels not an easy task [Jerusalem Post]

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