SF mayorial race: best thing I read all day…by far

“…San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is running for re-election virtually unopposed, more popular than ever, after admitting to having an affair with a top aide’s wife and entering an alcohol-treatment program.

Newsom, whose approval ratings are running close to 80 percent, said he expects a credible candidate to emerge eventually. So far, challengers include a street-performing clown, a homeless man, an advocate for nudism, and a candidate who pledges to wear a camera so voters can monitor his performance in office.” [Bloomberg]

Weird thing/true story: someone that knew a friend of mine tried to set her up w/ Newsom about a year after his divorce in 2005 –she, thinking him slimy, turned down the opportunity. Needless to say, we gave her a serious amount of shite at the time –after all he’s tall, good looking, single and the mayor of SF!, which, incidentally, meant much more at the time.


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