Ken Griffin: it’s not the money that motivates him, but ‘in principal’… ‘if the tax became too high’… ‘I would not be working this hard’

Citadel’s Ken Griffin (est. net worth $1.5B+), tells NYT of his fortune:

The money is a byproduct of a passionate endeavor,” [and] argued that those who focus on the money…” soon discover that wealth is not a particularly satisfying outcome.”

[However], “The income distribution has to stand,” Mr. Griffin said, adding that by trying to alter it with a more progressive income tax, “you end up in problematic circumstances…I am proud to be an American. But if the tax became too high, as a matter of principle I would not be working this hard.”

Doesn’t the last statement refute Griffin’s declaration that passion (implied to be the non-fiscal variety), and not incremental wealth (that which would be stripped away under a higher tax bracket and, ‘in principal,’ cause him to ‘not work as hard’), is what motivates him to work obsessively…


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