OECD Communications Outlook 2007: Americans still relentless in their consumption of broadcast television

According to the study, American households watch more than EIGHT hours of broadcast television per day, on average. I don’t have a television; such is the case with most of my circle, so just imagine the average if you were to remove non-watchers altogether (no details as to whether this was their method –I’ve not been able to gain access to the actual study). Most troubling is that we not only lead the rest of the world in household hours thrown away to television, but that we lead by somewhat of a landslide: Turkish households which rank second log close to 40% less TV time than their American counterparts. With an extra eight hours a day to spare I could cram in 8x more books, have a family that I could actually pay attention to, or vacation for three months out of the year, etc. That the average American is so unproductive with his free time should be to blame for income inequality –not not increasing taxes on the ambitions of the wealthy –who more than likely give up those extra hours of television, vacation, family, etc. to work or innovate, so that India’s generic businesses will always have something to copy. [The Economist] [2007 OECD Communications Outlook]


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