‘Past Perfect’: The New Yorker profiles Fifteen Central Park West


In some ways, the building seems less a piece of architecture than a creation along the lines of Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” an homage to the city by someone who not only loves the New York of the twenties and thirties but actually believes that he can will it back into existence.”

Considering the fact that many of the residents’ net worths are governed by a common oscillator (save for the Denzels and other non-Wall Streeters), the herd mentality which drove the “prices that started at more than two thousand dollars a square foot and were subsequently raised nineteen times” may result in a common devalueing among the non-Loeb units, albeit a mild one. It’s not as if the goods in question are Renoir’s –the building boasts over 200 units, but the architect is responsible for more than 5x that amount in high-end luxury units on Manhattan island alone.

The official website
The New Yorker profile
Curbed coverage: [2005: scaffolding goes up] [2006: construction shots] [2006: Hulking Leviathan] [2007: fire] [2007: nearly complete] [2007: sold out] [2007: makes NY history]


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