Losing my Star Wars virginity, 2.0: the U.S. version

As a testament to our youth, and the fact that we weren’t geeks in high school, we here at theempiricalskeptic weren’t at all shocked to read the following BBC news headline: Losing My Star Wars VirginityHowever, we were shocked to find the virgin of subject to be a male with glasses, 30-ish, and reminiscent of the guys from linear algebra who’d offer to share their proofs in exchange for invites to the sorority house.  We still keep in touch with some of said guys (hey, you never know when you’ll need to pass off the product of quality programming skills as your own), who suggested we de-flower ourselves immediately, even providing such convincing arguments as,you just have to watch it.”  Guys we work with however had this to say, “Yah, I hear ‘ya.  That Byrne shit flies right over my head also.”

Though we generally prefer to march to our own drum beat (and sometimes that of the 52*4 bike parades we lived around during college), the CFA exam and buyout rumors that are preventing us from substantially skipping town this Memorial Day weekend mean we’ve got approximately 2 hours of down time (I mean how long can you play golf and answer questions about ethics), which we’ve decided to waste spend with the Sith Lord (we hope that’s a proper reference), as we wish to avoid becoming this at all costs.  Our reactions to come…

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